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Passenger Car Roster

The Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum does not have many passenger equipment on its roster. Most of the passenger cars on our property are actually owned by third parties, so they haven't been included in our roster of equipment.

Long Island Commuter Coach No. 2937

Long Island Railroad commuter coach no. 2937 arrived at the museum in 2008 and went through an extensive overhaul in our shop before entering regular tourist train service in 2011. The coach features 3+2 seating and is painted in the LIRR's dark gray color scheme. The coach seats a maximum of 118 passengers and is currently our only air-conditioned car. The Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum operates Long Island Commuter Coach No. 2937. Coach No. 2972, another of the original 55 coaches built between 1955 and 1956, is operated by the Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum in Calera Alabama.

NKP 344Nickel Plate Road Baggage Car / Automobile Car No. 344

Nickel Plate Road Baggage / Automobile Car no. 344 was built by Pullman in 1929. This baggage car is unique because one end of the car has doors for loading and unloading of automobiles. The autos were being transported for people riding the train to vacation spots. This type car was also used to haul horses and theater scenery. The car was used by the NKP until its merger with the Norfolk & Western in 1964. The N&W converted the car to maintenance service in August of 1969 as no. 526706. Norfolk Southern donated the car to our museum in September of 1989.

Troop SleeperNorfolk & Western Troop Car No. 565719

Norfolk & Western troop car no. 565719 was built by Pullman Standard in September of 1943. These cars would sleep 29 soldiers and one porter. The car was purchased by the Wabash in April of 1947 and became their no. 5719. The car was used in maintenance-of-way service and later became Norfolk & Western no. 565719 in 1964. The car was donated to our museum by Norfolk Southern in September of 1989.

Troop Kitchen CarC&EI Troop Kitchen Car No. A-1054.

Chicago & Eastern Illinois no. A-1054 was built by American Car & Foundry as a troop kitchen car during World War II. These cars served as rolling kitchens for the soldiers that were heading off to the war. This car was donated to our museum in 1996 by Bob and Barbara Harms of Lakeside Railway Services.