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Erie Lackawanna No. 3328

Builder Pullman
Build Date 1917
Model/Type Coach
Status Stored

Equipment History

Erie Lackawanna coach no. 3328 is a "high roof" multiple-unit trailer coach once used in electrified commuter service in New Jersey. Starting life as Delaware, Lackawanna & Western no. 676, it was originally built by Pullman in 1917 as a standard 78-seat coach. In 1930, it was rebuilt by American Car & Foundry as DL&W 2328. A total of 141 cars were rebuilt as part of the electrification project. The cars were rebuilt with added vestibules and under-seat heating.

The coach remained no. 2328 until 1961 after the DL&W merged with the Erie. Under Erie Lackawanna, the coach became no. 3348 until 1976 when it transferred to Conrail using the same number. When acquired by New Jersey Transit in 1983, it became no. 4328. The coach was used by NJT for only a short time, being retired in 1984. The car eventually found its way to Noblesville, Indiana, in the mid-1980s and was eventually purchased by a member of our museum. The coach was donated to the Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum and arrived in November 2018.