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Monon Caboose No. 81532

Builder Monon
Build Date 1956
Model/Type Wide Vision Caboose
Status Under Restoration

Equipment History

Monon caboose no. 81532 was built in 1956 by the Monon in their shops in Lafayette, Indiana. It was one of 8 such wide vision cabooses constructed by the railroad. The caboose eventually joined the Louisville & Nashville roster and later the Seaboard System. The Seaboard donated the caboose to the Monon Railroad Historical-Technical Society in 1985. The MRHTS donated the caboose to the Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum in 2023. The caboose arrived at the museum on December 11, 2023, along with the Monon Lynne business car.

Interested in preserving this piece of Indiana's railroad heritage? Make a donation to our Monon Equipment Fund.