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North Judson Erie TrailThe North Judson Erie Trail

The North Judson Erie Trail is a multi-use path established on the railbanked right-of-way of the former JK Line Railroad. The route extends 9 miles between North Judson and U.S. 35 near Bass Lake. Another disconnected section known as the Monterey Erie Trail is located in town of Monterey along the same railbanked right-of-way.

Plans call for the eventual connection of these two trails at U.S. 35. Once complete, the Erie Trail will comprise a 16 mile long corridor of horse, biking and walking paths - becoming an integral part of landscape in Starke and Pulaski Counties. The Erie Trail is part of the American Discovery Trail - a network of trails crisscrossing 15 states between California and Delaware. The Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum is an important trailhead along the northern tier.

TrailheadThe area along the Erie Trail consists of mostly bucolic landscapes of the Kankakee sand country, oak groves, little sand prairies and pocket prairie marshes. The trail gives you an especially good view of the surrounding landscape since most of the trail isn't near major roadways, lots of power lines, or residential development.

The serenity of the Erie Trail is highlighted by the diverse wildlife that lives along the path. Animals can be seen from the trail including deer, turkeys, waterfowl and songbirds. A diverse assortment of wildflowers, grasses and trees also grace the trail. When visiting the Erie Trail, please stick to the path and be respectful of the wildlife and our neighbors.