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Photo Gallery

Photos are a great way to recount the history of railroading and how it has shaped America over the years. Our photo galleries cover nearly a century of railroading in northwest Indiana and surrounding areas. HVRM is constantly searching for new photos to add to add to the collection. If you have a photo you would like to share, please contact us.

Historic Railroad PhotosHistoric Railroad Photos

If you're interested in the history of railroads in northwest Indiana, then look no further than the Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum! Our depot museum in North Judson has a huge number of photos on display. We have chosen a select number of these historic railroad photos to share with you on our website. Many of these photos have been contributed by members or are from private collections. Some of these historic photos are available for purchase in the HVRM gift shop.

HVRM PhotosPhotos from Around the Museum

Check out our assortment of photos from around the museum covering virtually every aspect of the Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum. HVRM has been built from the ballast up through the hard work and effort of a relatively small group of dedicated individuals. While a camera is not always handy to capture every moment, we hope that you will see just how much work has gone into making the Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum the success that it is today.

CKIN PhotosChesapeake & Indiana Railroad Photos

The Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum operates over trackage owned by the Town of North Judson and shared with the Chesapeake & Indiana Railroad - the designated shortline operator. CKIN primarily handles outbound unit grain trains of corn and soybeans and inbound fertilizer. HVRM members regularlly railfan these operations and we have chosen several CKIN photos to showcase the operations along the CSX's former Wabash Subdivision.