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818 Project

The Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum is in the process of restoring former Elgin, Joliet & Eastern locomotive no. 818 to service. The locomotive was donated to the museum in 2021 by the Chesapeake & Indiana Railroad.

This locomotive was in need of new wheels, so replacement trucks with good wheels were purchased. Over the last two years many hardworking members have been restoring the new trucks for operation. The trucks received new polymer brake bushings, repacked brake cylinders, and every other component inspected and serviced as necessary to ensure a long service life.

In June of 2024 Quality Rail Service was on site to replace the trucks. A lot of work is still needed to reassemble the 818's motor cables, brake rigging, pilots, and other parts before it can be placed back into service. After being stored for 2 years a thorough inspection and some minor repairs will be needed. When time and funding allows, various cosmetic issues will also be addressed.

Any support for this project will be greatly appreciated.

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