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Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum Signs New Agreement with Shortline Operator

Monday, August 16, 2021

Volunteers at the Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum pose with crew members of the Chesapeake & Indiana Railroad after making a delivery in North Judson. The trip marked CKIN’s first trip down the North Judson Branch in many years, solidifying the new spirit of cooperation between the museum and the shortline.

Railroad museum and shortline build a positive working relationship

NORTH JUDSON, INDIANA – The Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum is pleased to announce that it has signed a new agreement with the owners of the Chesapeake & Indiana Railroad. The museum will continue to lease a five-mile section of track between North Judson and English Lake.

The new agreement simplifies operating protocols and communication between HVRM and CKIN and gives the museum greater operating flexibility. It also signifies a renewed relationship between the museum and the shortline, which was purchased by Midwest & Bluegrass Rail in 2020.

“M&B has been great to work with,” said Todd Flanigan, museum president. “This not only allows us to continue running our trains, but it really gives us the opportunity to make North Judson a must-see tourist destination.”

Flanigan went on to say, “It also shows how important it is to build a positive working relationship with everyone involved. I’m excited to see where things go from here.”

Maintenance of the track along the leased section of the rail line will fall on the museum. The shortline will retain the right to serve freight customers along the line, which could lead to greater economic development opportunities in the area.

"We have quickly developed a great partnership with HVRM," said Brian Miller, Midwest & Bluegrass Rail. "HVRM does a great job promoting rail and rail history in the region. We are excited about the future of both organizations."

The rail line was previously owned by the Town of North Judson, which sold the track to Midwest & Bluegrass Rail earlier this year. The museum was instrumental in saving the rail line from abandonment in 2004.

About the Museum

Founded in 1988, the Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization dedicated to the preservation of railroad history in northwest Indiana. The museum educates the public through interpretive displays and its tourist railroad operations. Additional information about the museum can be found online at or on the museum’s Facebook page at @hoosiervalley.

About the Chesapeake & Indiana Railroad

The Chesapeake & Indiana Railroad operates and maintains over 28 miles of track in Northwest Indiana. CKIN interchanges with both Norfolk Southern and CSX Transportation, affording customers flexibility in traffic routing and pricing options. The railroad is owned by Midwest & Bluegrass Rail, which currently operates three other shortline railroads. Additional information about the railroad can be found online at