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Member Benefits

Membership has its privledges and becoming a member of the Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum is no different. Every member receives the following benefits:

Many of our members are learning as we build the Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum. Only a few members have actual railroad backgrounds. Some had parents or grandparents that worked for the railroad, while others of us just had the desire to fulfill a childhood dream. We invite you and your family to join us as members. Visit the museum on any Saturday, the coffee pot is always on!

Annual Membership Dues

Unlike some organizations, your annual dues are payable during the anniversary month of your original membership date. So when you initially purchase a membership at HVRM, you actually get a full year before your dues have to be renewed. Membership dues for single memberships is $25 and family memberships is $30.

You may now purchase a new membership or renew your membership online. If you prefer, you may also print out a membership application and mail it in.

Volunteer Opportunities

The are numerous volunteer opportunities at the Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum. We are actively seeking new members to fill various volunteer positions within our organization. Volunteering can a very rewarding experience for those in our membership.