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Caboose Roster

The Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum has a number of cabooses on its roster of varying styles. Many of these cabooses are in service on our tourist trains.

B&LE Caboose 1989Bessemer & Lake Erie No. 1989

Bessemer & Lake Erie no. 1989 was built by International Car in April of 1956 as the EJ&E no. 510. This caboose was on lease to the B&LE when it was donated to the museum by the EJ&E in May of 1989. This caboose is typical of most steel cabooses and is known as a cupola caboose.

EJ&E Caboose 184Elgin, Joliet & Eastern No. 184

Elgine, Joliet & Eastern no. 184 was built in April of 1970 and is is known as a transfer caboose. This style of caboose is used for local switching assignments. Number 184 was donated to the museum by the EJ&E in April of 1989 and is currently equipped with a wheelchair lift for handicapped passengers.

EL Bay Window Caboose C345Erie Lackawanna No. C345

Erie Lackawanna no. C345 was built by the International Car in November of 1953 as Erie C345. The caboose became EL no. C345 in 1960 and Conrail no. 21139 in 1976. Conrail donated the caboose to the museum and it arrived on August 22, 1995. This style of caboose is referred to as a bay window caboose.

NKP Caboose 471Nickel Plate Road No. 471

Nickel Plate Road no. 471 was built in August of 1962 by International Car in Kenton, Ohio. This caboose was built as NKP no. 471 and became Norfolk & Western no. 557571 when the two roads merged. The caboose was also leased to the Wheeling & Lake Erie in the early 1990s. The caboose was then returned to Norfolk Southern, who in turn donated the caboose to the museum. NKP 471 arrived at the museum on July 8, 1995. This type of caboose is known as a bay window caboose and was used by the Nickel Plate Road in high-speed freight service.

HVRM CabooseHVRM Caboose No. 99

Was built as a 9900 series caboose for Illinois Central. It later became Chicago & Indiana no. 100 and Tippecanoe RR un-numbered. The caboose was burned out on the inside and was renovated as a display car. Dan Siple bought the caboose and donated it to our museum on July 8, 1991.

GTW 75072Grand Trunk Western No. 75072

Built from a 40' boxcar by the Grand Trunk Western in , this caboose was donated to the museum in 2006. More info coming soon.