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HVRM Donates Rail

During September 2005, Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum contributed 456 linear feet of rail and track parts to help build a 200' spur, just south of Union Mills/Wellsboro. Using HVRM flat cars, Chesapeake and Indiana Railroad (CKIN) hauled the materials for the job to the site. The spur construction was a component in a larger project of railroad rehab undertaken during 2005, utilizing grant funds awarded to CKIN through the Indiana Industrial RailService Fund. TRANCO of Burns Harbor, Indiana constructed the switch/spur for CKIN.

The spur will aid CKIN with its freight operations and will eventually be lengthened to connect to the existing load-out track at the LaPorte County Farm Bureau's fertilizer/grain facility. This future project will enable the loading of unit grain trains at the Union Mills facility.

For the present time, the new spur, using a relocated switch from the old LaCrosse, Indiana, Pere Marquette yard, will provide a more efficient way of handling trains near the CSX interchange point. The new spur will also be an aid to HVRM for any inbound or outbound movement, where temp storage may be needed to keep a railroad car or locomotive clear of the C&I main track.