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Thomaston NS Interchange

Friday, Oct 5, 2007thamaston_construction.jpg

Earth work for the construction of the interchange between the Chesapeake & Indiana Railroad (track in the foreground) and the Norfolk Southern (track to photographer's left) has begun with noticeable progress. Here you see the northeast quadrant cleared of trees and the top soil removed along most of the curve. Fill dirt will be trucked to the site next, to gradually build up the right-of-way for the track to be installed. One can determine the center-line of the future connecting track with the visual aid of the survey stakes.


Monday, October 13, 2008interchange21.jpg

Norfolk Southern Railroad installs their switch to make the connection between the Chesapeake and Indiana Railroad and NS. Railworks completed the installation of the interchange track during the week of October 5, 2008. Its been a project in the works for just over a year, but the $360,000 project is now complete and the interchange will be officially opened the week of Oct 19.

This new interchange will now offer Chesapeake and Indiana Railroad users two class 1 railroad outlets. CSX at Wellsboro and now Norfolk Southern at Thomaston.