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November 2005 Update

The Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum "Membership Special" ran on November 19th, 2005 from North Judson to LaCrosse and return on the C&I. They rode aboard a restored 4 caboose and gondola train.

March 2005, HVRM volunteer track crew installs 7-new railroad ties into the C&I passing track in North Judson.
Later that afternoon, the HVRM track crew makes repairs to the C&I right-of-way, east of LaCrosse. ATV 4-wheelers eroded the ballast from the track and new ballast and fill was reinstalled to secure the track structure.
May 21, 2005, HVRM volunteer crews make repairs to the wood plank walkway on the C&I railroad bridge at English Lake. HVRM volunteers contributed time and materials to this task, lending assistance the C&I maintenance chores along the railroad.

Wade Cabin - MilePost 223.5

Telegraph offices on most railroads where train movements were monitored and governed, were known as "towers". The Chesapeake and Ohio Railway (C&O) referred to them as "cabins".
Wade was built in 1948 just west of LaCrosse on the Chicago Division as "QN Cabin", later known as Wade, replacing an older two story wooden structure at the interlocking of the C&O and Monon railroads. The interchange track was in the northeast quadrant of the crossing, behind the cabin. Wade was one of three cabins of a new and late design on the C&O replacing two-story type structures with a single sturdy building, having a bay window or in an L-shape design, giving the operator a 3-sided view of the track or railroad yard. Wade is an L-shape design, yellow brick structure.

Earlier photos of Wade and the orginal QN Tower in future updates.